'Cause you said, said he was the one
Baby yes you said, said you were in love

Part of me was Kidnapped.


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Interesting radio station
Friday, 29 June 2012, 1:19:00 am

I just got back from the 263645464858 road trip. It's relatively short compared to the previous one which is 6 days. During the whole trip, i was listening to a Radio station from Ipoh. The radio deejays were speaking in a mixture of cantonese and mandarin. What got me interested is not the language they were speaking, but the way they made their advertisement. They were advertising the Hand brand's peanut and Lee Kum Kee's oyster sauce. Both of the advert used songs that were very funny in the lyrics. They were not uploaded on youtube thou so I cant provide any links. But you can tune in to them on www.988.com.my The tunes were running in my mind now. When i heard it for the first time, they brought smiles on my face especially the peanut one. As the lyrics remind me of my mum and aunts as the word "mook" reminds me of CNY where we always "mook gua zii" and chit chat. I think Singapore radio station is unable to do something similar to theirs due to the regulations on using dialets in national radio. Another segment which I enjoyed was reading of letters from listeners who were having problems. It set Dickson and me discussing the problems and decide what the listener should do. Anyway all huge thank you to the company provided, totally enjoyed myself during the 8 hours journey to and fro Genting and Singapore. Nothing much to talk about this trip but I am happy that we were back safely with some loots back:) Time to look forward to the Bangkok trip in August!

More than a yr to prepare
Thursday, 26 April 2012, 11:09:00 am

The date of our big day is set! 28 Dec 2013! Can start counting down! Dinner was booked as well! ( call us kaisu) Booked on their roadshow with many perks that help us to save alot of money. -free flow wine; its only 1 bottle free per table. -2 night stay in bridal suite -1 deluxe room stay for the helpers but change to own use after our 2nights in the suite -free 1 table  Going to do some research and start on my big big project. Gonna be a hush hush. Update when i prepared all the things ready for "it". Till then.... --

Tuesday, 10 April 2012, 9:36:00 pm

I am glad..
glad that i have moved on.

the image or feeling of my car being pry opened in JB..
has finally faded away.....

enjoying life....

jus got back from my korea trip.
very happy to see snow.
and managed to catch the last snow of the winter season in korea.
its just a different experience.

things in korea were very expensive.
esp clothes but their quality is superb
compared to those $10 kinds in bugis where Siqi and me were always crazy about.

however their cosmetics were very cheap compared to singapore prices.
i bought 100 pieces of mask from odbo
things from langeige and tony moly

I will be back to korea for cosmetic but recalling now its kind of stupid just to fly there to get all these.
as the amount for accommodation and air tic will make the products way exp den buying locally.
so don't think i will be back there, just like turkey.

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Its just left a huge footstep
Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 11:27:00 am

Something happened not long ago and not near enough.

It just left a big scar in my heart and mind.
Scenes will flash in my mind vividly almost every other night. I didn't know why. Maybe I felt that such a thing happened is partly my fault. The thought of it just scares me.

Whenever flashback happens, I will have sleepless night. Maybe I am psychologically hurt, some part of me could not move on. I really hope it will not happen again.

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Its been sooo long
Friday, 17 February 2012, 11:25:00 pm

its really very long since i blogged....
its a dead town by now..

Its 2012...
started my 1st year 2nd sem in SIM...
booked korea trip, genting (again) and bkk trip.
had a hiccup in JB
celebrated v day with dickie.
strike 4D twice(thanks to my dream. contented with the small lil winnings)

everything seem smooth sailing now...
hopefully everything will stay as it is now....

there's another good news in my clique which i am really thrilled to get to know about it=)
pray that everything will be going smooth for her<3

this year, I will be 26.. time really flies.
no longer young anymore.
gotta start planning for the future.
I am really getting alot of "when are you hitching" kind of questions in every two days in office.
I just brush off when a "not-so-soon" answer.
Well even if I am.... i will still keep a hush-hush.

Work is still the same.... nothing much to say.
but the gals and guys are addicted in diamond dash(an iphone game)
all trying to beat high score using different techniques.
well, i am part of it. hahhah

thats all first..... blog other days....

Saturday, 26 November 2011, 8:10:00 pm

Had my first fishing experience yesterday...

It was so fun!
We caught 5 lobster and a few soon hock!

Guess where we fished?

Its at xiao guilin!
Can u imagine?? I could not at first.
Who will fish there?! Will there be fishes over there in the first place??

But i am totally wrong!
There is!!

The "fight" is not so feirce as the fishes are not very big as what u see in the market. Its probably a baby one..

So we lure them with bait by placing it infront of them. So they just grab and i just hook them up. So exciting!

We will be going to other place and try fishing..

Well, heading to V4 and zouk now:)

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Alyssa full month celebration
Saturday, 19 November 2011, 10:53:00 pm

Its alyssa full month celeb.
Same as alejandro, hers was also at lisa's mother in law's place.
Gowever, she invited lesser people this time round.
As she is paiseh as last year just celebrated dro's.

But i felt there's nothing to paiseh about as its a happy occasion and we are more than happy to celebrate this day with her:)

Well, happy 1st month alyssa:)
Sign off, aunty joey<3

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011, 1:14:00 am



这部片也有好好笑的片段, 笑的我们眼泪都要流出了。




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Friday, 11 November 2011, 3:53:00 pm

Other people may be busy getting hitch.

But it holds no significant to me. however it is for SX n QC.

SX gave birth to a birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ellan. But she is very sleepy. Guessed she need to sleep more to get all the energy she needs to rock the world.

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Im 25yo
Monday, 7 November 2011, 11:48:00 pm


Im officially 25!!

Im v happy this year...

Firstly, i got my best gals to celeb w me a cozy and heartwarming steamboat which money cant buy, tgt with their family;)
Secondly, this year all my bday present are crazily expensive.
D gt me a ipad!
Sq n wl gt me an ipad cover from BCBG Maxazria which cost a bomb!
Willie and haoyong gt me a bottle of whiskey each which cost them $178!
Totally love everything they did for me...
Thirdly, a family dinner at canto kitchen that is fabulously enjoyable and tasty!!

Really very thankful to them...
Blessed to have all of them.

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